Bayraktar: That’s why the Turks don’t like Greece’s moves to cancel them

Bayraktar: That’s why the Turks don’t like Greece’s moves to cancel them and because they see that they won’t be able to use them.

Greece is constantly equipping itself in the air since after the first Rafale and the first F-16 Vipers, it has started the procedures for the first F-35s as well.

All this, while Greece has a highly effective air defense, which will become even more effective in the future, with the additions of the new Greek frigates and corvettes.

In the Greek Pentagon, planning for the acquisition of additional drones from Israel and the USA (including some of which may also be armed) has begun to be implemented.

For the time being, the construction of Greek drones and UAVs seems a remote possibility, as “Archytas” has not yet started flights.

In this environment, Turkey has drastically increased the number of violations in the Aegean with Turkish Bayraktars which, together with the Akinci, the Turks believe will undertake a large part of the attacks against Greek positions, in a repeat of the Bayraktar operational successes in Ukraine , in the early days of the conflict between the Ukrainians and the Russians.

At this point it is worth mentioning that the Turkish Bayraktars find the Russian targets in Ukraine by receiving information 24/7 from the American satellites scanning the area.

Turkey has no military satellites to scan Greece 24/7. It has satellites but they do not provide the ability to continuously scan the area. So the Bayraktars in the Aegean should… look for their targets.

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Does anyone think that a Bayraktar can do… cruises in the Aegean without being shot down by the Greek Air Force?

And we got to the point. So what invalidates the use of Turkish drones and UAVs in the Aegean is Greece’s superiority in the air.

Greece has supremacy in the air and will have it for at least another ten years.

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