“Bam” at “para one” yesterday in the Aegean! Murderous maneuvers of Turkish pilots almost “lit the fuse”

The scenario that wants Turkey to take the situation beyond any limit by taking risks or seeking to provoke a dynamic reaction from Greek forces unfolded yesterday in the airspace of the Aegean.

We wrote from yesterday that the statistics of breaches were radiating tension. Of the 13 violations recorded by Turkish F-16 fighter jets, four were “upgraded” to engagements with Greek fighters. It has happened many times before but yesterday the Turkish pilots showed that they had in mind to even cause the crash of a Greek fighter plane! The air battles that took place in the north-eastern Aegean recalled the Iliakis assassination as the maneuvers of the Turks were equally dangerous.

The behavior of the Turks brought the situation to an extreme for a few seconds and what was heard on the radios and shown on the radar made many “freeze”. Fortunately, composure prevailed on the part of the Greek operator and we report this with an absolutely positive approach to the matter. The situation in which the Turks tried to bring him would have warranted even a forceful response, but experience, composure and absolute professionalism prevailed.

The point is, however, that the Turks showed yesterday that they will not hesitate to cause an incident and even “charge” the responsibility for it on the Greek side.

Could this be an isolated case of some extreme Turkish operators? It is hard for anyone to believe that such autonomy is possible for Turkish air force pilots.

The question is how long the composure and professionalism of the Greek operators will keep the fuse that the Turks want to light in the Aegean extinguished.

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