Balance of power in favor of Greece in the air – What the equipment cards show

For a reversal in favor of our country in the relations of forces with Turkey in certain sectors, with an emphasis on that of aviation, speaking on ERT and the show “Connections”, Aristos Aristotelous, expert in defense and strategy, head of the Cypriot Center for Strategic Studies, spoke .

Greece’s demographic problem will have future effects on the country’s defense capabilities” admitted Lt. Gen. Lambros Tzoumis as well as the fact that “every year 10-12 thousand young people are exempted from their military service either for health reasons or for reasons insubordination. It is an entire division of full combat composition,” he pointed out.

“There is a stagnation in Turkey’s equipment, with its expulsion from the F-35 program, due to the purchase of the S-400 from Russia and also due to the problems it faces in upgrading the F-16. In contrast to our country, which was strengthened in critical sectors, such as aviation and navy, with the improvements made” pointed out the head of the Cypriot Center for Strategic Studies, Aristos Aristotelous.

In addition, he highlighted as a critical differentiating factor the problems that each side has in its armed forces. “Greece’s forces are solid, there is a single spirit and the threat is specific from which direction it comes. On the contrary, in Turkey there are several problems in terms of human resources, which has also decreased due to Erdogan’s purges”

“There is competition in terms of equipment between Greece and Turkey,” he said. “Greece is the only country in Europe that spends huge sums on equipment in relation to its GDP. It has reached up to 3.65% of its GDP in 2021,” he pointed out.

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From the land army, air force and navy, where Aristos Aristotelous sees the big turning point in favor of Greece is the air force.

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