BAE Systems signs 15-year support agreement for Danish CV90 IFV fleet

BAE Systems has signed a framework agreement with the Danish Ministry of Defense Procurement and Logistics Organization (DALO) to provide repair and maintenance services for the Danish Army’s CV90s for a period of 15 years.

Under the deal, worth around $400m (DKr3bn), BAE Systems will provide an upgraded level of functionality for the infantry fighting vehicles (IFV). The agreement covers repair and maintenance services for the Danish Army’s fleet of 44 CV90 IFVs, such as the delivery of spare parts at a time when the service’s operational tempo remains high.

“This important agreement will ensure the functionality of the Danish Army’s CV90 fleet and ensure that they remain operational at a high level of capability and pace for many years to come,” said Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, CEO of BAE Systems Hägglunds. company that designs and manufactures the CV90.

Announced on February 28, 2024 by BAE Systems, the contract is the latest example of countries across Europe and NATO seeking to maintain the readiness of military capabilities in the wake of Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, which has returned state-to-state warfare. the continent for the first time in generations.

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The CV90 is one of the most widespread AFVs in Europe, in service with Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, as well as Sweden. The Czech Republic and Slovakia have also agreed deals to acquire the platform.

The CV90 IFV program, in its 17 variants, has produced around 1,700 vehicles, with the platform seeing combat in Liberia, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Denmark and Sweden confirm supply of CV90 to Ukraine

In December 2023, Denmark announced that it would make a financial contribution of DKr 1.8 billion for the procurement of CV90 IFVs for Ukraine, after signing a joint statement of intent with Sweden.

Announced during a visit by Swedish Defense Minister Pål Jonson to Denmark on 18 December 2023, the agreement will see Sweden acquire the CV90s to be delivered to Ukraine, under an agreement between Kyiv and the Swedish Defense Material Administration . (FMV) and Ukraine in July this year.

The Declaration of Intent means that Denmark and Sweden will promote the acquisition of additional CV90s for Ukraine, the Swedish government said in a statement.

“We will use our industrial capacity to ensure the delivery of newly produced 90s combat vehicles to Ukraine. Combat Vehicle 90 has been – and remains – an important addition to Ukraine’s defense since Sweden donated 50 vehicles earlier this year,” Jonson said in 2023.

Sweden had previously, in connection with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to Sweden in August, signed a joint Letter of Intent with Ukraine for closer cooperation on the CV90 platform. An initial batch of 50 CV90 combat vehicles was delivered to Ukraine earlier in 2023.

In February 2024, Sweden announced a new military support package for Kiev, which also included a donation to enable Ukraine to purchase new CV90 vehicles.

CV90: a workhorse of European armored capability

First launched in 1993, the CV90 has since been upgraded throughout its life and is available in various variants. Versions of the CV90 family include the CV9040 with a 40mm gun and the export variant, the CV9030 with a 30mm main armament.

The CV9040 has been in service with the Swedish Army since 1993 with nearly 500 systems delivered and is armed with a 40mm Bofors L/70 gun. Final deliveries were completed in September 2002.

Several Swedish CV9040 vehicle tracking systems have been upgraded with FLIR Systems’ LIRC thermal imaging system. LIRC is based on QWIP (quantum well infrared photodetector) technology.

BAE Systems also developed several export versions of the CV90 for international customers. In July 2010, the company introduced a new variant of the CV90, called the Armadillo. Another new variant, the CV90 MkIV, was released in January 2018 and features improved stealth and survivability.

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