Awarding of Moral Remuneration by the Head of GEETHA to Executives who Participated in the Operation to Free Greek and Foreign Citizens from Sudan

On Wednesday, June 07, 2023, the Chief of the GEETHA, General Konstantinos Floros, awarded the Moral Award of “Honorable Mention” to the Executives who participated in the operation to free Greek and foreign citizens from Sudan (press here), in a ceremony that took place at the headquarters of the Interbranch Special Operations Command (DDEE) at the “LIETY GENERAL CHRISTODOULOS Tsigantes” Camp.

During his short greeting, the Head of GEETHA praised the high sense of responsibility and the excellent level of professional training of the Executives, who contributed decisively and with absolute success to the release, rescue and safe return to Greece of both Greek citizens, as well as citizens from friends and allies Countries.

He pointed out the rapid mobilization, planning and preparation of the difficult and dangerous operation, taking into account all the parameters for its conduct, which became imperative due to the unknown environment, and the fluid and particularly precarious changing situation formed by the prevailing conditions.

He also referred to the excellent cooperation of the GEETHA with allied and friendly countries, as well as the continuous interagency synergy with the competent services and agencies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while he pointed out as decisive factors for the successful execution of the mission, the element of excellent interdisciplinary cooperation of those involved in operation at all levels and areas of command, as well as the high professionalism of both the crew of the C-130 aircraft and the executives of the special operations of the Special Warfare Command (DEP) of the GEETHA, who took all the necessary measures for the securing of the area, the gathering of citizens and their safe boarding on the aircraft.

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Concluding his greeting, the GEETHA Chief congratulated all those who participated in the operation, stressing that the Hellenic Armed Forces are among the elite of the Armed Forces worldwide, and urged the Executives to continue with the same stubbornness and commitment to the execution of their mission, highlighting the strength of the Armed Forces.

The ceremony was also attended by:

● The Chief GEA Vice Admiral (I) Themistoklis Bourolias, Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Angelos Houdeloudis and Chief of General Staff Vice Admiral Ioannis Drymousis PN.

● The Commander of the Special Warfare Command (DEP) of the GETHA Lieutenant General Dimitrios Houpis and the Commander of the Air Support Command (AAU) Lieutenant General (I) Demosthenes Grigoriadis.

● The Commander of the DDEE Major General Konstantinos Alexakis and the Director of the Directorate of Special Forces of the GES (GES/DED) Major General Nikolaos Giannopoulos.

● The Commanders and staff of the Units of the participants in the Executive business.

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