‘AUSA 2022’: General Dynamics to unveil future AbramsX tank concept

The American General Dynamics has announced that at the upcoming international exhibition “AUSA 20222” (October 10-12) it will present the concept of a future AbramsX battle tank. Compared to previous versions, the weight of the AbramsX will be reduced, so the tank will have increased mobility and reduced fuel consumption by 50%.

It will incorporate a hybrid engine, which will reduce the chariot’s acoustic footprint. Also, the AbramsX will have reduced crew requirements, artificial intelligence systems, increased survivability (it will incorporate enhanced armor) and the ability to control unmanned systems.

Its main gun will likely be the 120mm XM-360 capable of firing MRM (Mid-Range Munitions), AMP (Advanced Multi-Purpose) and AKE (Advanced Kinetic Energy) munitions. On the roof of the tower there will be a remote-controlled armament station with a 30 mm cannon.

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