Army: Armored leads the way by incorporating a new state-of-the-art system

The program to acquire new training aids for the Greek Armored Forces is in the final stretch. In particular, they are going to acquire about 15 educational aids of Swedish manufacture and origin type BT-46. These are state-of-the-art and realistic training tools that enable realistic and realistic exercises for both crews and junior leaders to practice the full range of Armored Weapons techniques and tactics. The relevant contract is expected to be signed at the end of August.

It is noted that the first 15 training aids based on the BT-46 model will allow them to be installed at the level of Ili Tanks so that the individual three Ulama of Ili can be trained in the most effective way in all forms of combat (defense, attack, collapse , advance). The acquisition of Saab’s BT-46 will provide unprecedented and unique realistic training conditions with an emphasis on dual-energy exercises.

Dual action exercises provide real and believable training as one force performs a defensive fight while another acts offensively. For example, one Tank Ulama can defend while two other Ulamas simulate an offensive action. The number of 15 training aids that the Armored Weapon will acquire is a first-class opportunity to evaluate the Swedish training system thoroughly and in detail by the ESS staffs so that in a second year additional systems (larger number) will be acquired to equip a whole Medium Tank Operations (EMA), which can be practiced in the most realistic way in all phases of combat and operations.

Saab’s BT-46 is installed on vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles and even helicopters or trajectory weapon systems and simulates all operations from the level of a motorized infantry group or platoon to the level of an entire brigade (motorized or armored). Saab’s BT-46 installation allows the weapon systems to fire virtual shots, and depending on the shots, the outcome against another target depends. For example shooting one tank against another. With these conditions the training is realistic and exercises the crews and staffs in the most realistic operating conditions. Both technically and tactically, Saab’s BT-46 is a modern and innovative training method.

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In another case the Saab BT-46 is installed in infantry rifles (of a platoon) defending within urban terrain while another force such as a rifle company of a motorized infantry battalion operates to occupy the enemy location. In this way, realistic training takes place in populated areas with combat from the cluster.

Sweden’s Saab’s well-known BT-46 simulator has been selected by the majority of NATO member countries with users providing positive feedback evaluating its performance, particularly for the BT-46’s realism and accuracy in gunner training and group training.

It should be noted that the BT-46 is designed to support the training of helicopter crews in long-range target engagement missions. The BT-46 laser simulator offers the ability to produce immediate results from each engagement, through realistic simulation of gunner and crew chief sightings, as well as audible signals through the intercom system, and visual signals on the target. The computer on the target combines information about its vulnerability with data received from the firing system to determine whether the target has been compromised and, if so, what the effect of the attack is.

In the newer version BT-46 Mk.3 the system incorporates wireless technology and application-based control procedures, which makes it easier to use and lowers the total cost of ownership. They also provide increased, more realistic functionality for the vehicle’s visual systems, which simulate shooting and engaging, providing a premium training experience. The crew of the vehicle receives immediate results, in real time: trajectory of the projectile, attack on the target or on the ground, sound simulation of the process of loading and firing, sound analysis of the effect of enemy fire, graphical and numerical representations of the results of the fire , targets demonstrate the results of an engagement, via a beam of light.

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