Armed Forces: Strengthening partnerships through joint exercises

Exercises that indicate the scope of the cooperation of the Armed Forces (AF) with allied countries and partners in the Anat region. of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, will take place in the immediate future.

Vasilis Nedos

In all these exercises the role of the Air Force (AF) as a weapon that can operate effectively throughout the wider region is clear. First of all, at the end of November, the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” is expected to pass south of Crete, where exercises and cooperation scenarios will take place with ships of the Navy (PN) and fighters of the PA.

Cooperation with the French will increase in the coming months, while the specialization of the program of joint exercises in the framework of the defense agreement between Athens and Paris continues.

At the same time, the exercises continue with elements of the American armed forces, culminating in the “Olympic Cooperation ’22”, which takes place with the participation of tanks. In addition, at the beginning of November, two C-130Js of the 317th Airlift Wing of the US Air Force arrive in Greece, which, together with Greek C-130s of the P.A. they will conduct terrain masking flights.

Practically, they will take advantage of the frequent changes of the Greek morphology by flying low in order to avoid enemy radars and, in combination, parachute drops and cooperation with fighters will be carried out. In addition, between November 9 and 18, six Saudi F-15s are returning to Souda, which will participate in exercises with PA fighters. but also other elements of the ED, in the context of the collaboration with the code Falcon Eye 3.

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P.A. will also participate in the tactical and training scenarios unfolding in the United Arab Emirates (ATLC), which are conducted on the model of NATO’s Tactical Leadership Program (TLP).

A PA officer is already in the UAE, while three PA Mirage 2000-5 will land in Abu Dhabi, which will fly directly to the country with a refueling stop in Crete. The Republic of Cyprus will also participate in the Greek-Egyptian exercise “Medusa-12”.

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