Armed Forces: In “red” are the three Branches

Barrage of high-intensity exercises throughout the territory, but also abroad – A message of readiness from Thrace to Crete and from Kastellorizo ​​to Othonou.

With an unprecedented series of exercises in October and November, the Greek Armed Forces respond to the constantly escalating Turkish aggression and Ankara’s threats that reach the point of armed conflict.

To the obvious nervousness of the neighbors, the GEETHA all three Branches contrast the composure, determination and operational readiness, which originate through the continuous training of executives and conscripts throughout the Territory. In this way, the military leadership sends a clear message that the Turks may be trying to gain impressions through extreme rhetoric, but the truth is on the field, where the Greek Armed Forces project their power every day.

The threats that reach the Turkish regime every day are anything but encouraging about the possibility of aggressive action against Greece. The Armed Forces have raised a huge shield from the Evros to Crete and Kastellorizo, announcing to the opposite side that in case they decide to… the winner, the answer will be overwhelming. After all, Athens has made this absolutely clear to friends and allies, clarifying that in case Turkey crosses the “red” line, the consequences will be unpredictable… both for Turkey and for the cohesion of NATO.

At the military level, the Navy, Air Force and Army do not stop flying the flag in all the “hot” spots, through national as well as allied exercises. After all, the orders given by the military leadership are clear: Vigilance, fast reflexes and determination, so that the Greek Armed Forces are constantly one step ahead of the enemy.

As we have highlighted, the exercises carried out recently in the three Branches have become even more intense, while the Staffs have adapted the scenarios to modern threats. It is characteristic that the three Branches do not have time to complete one exercise and the next immediately begins, while in several cases the Air Force, the Navy and the Army are called to participate in more than one training activity.

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The October calendar is typical of the tension prevailing in the Armed Forces this month, with an “orgasm” of training activities for the three Branches:

07 – 21 October – Olympic Cooperation: The exercise between Greeks and Americans in Thrace, specifically in Petrochori Xanthi, which has now become established and gathers enormous interest, with the armored vehicles of the two countries taking your breath away and competing in real combat conditions. Artillery shooting takes place October 18-20 at the Petrotos Shooting Range.

October 10 – 22 – Aegean Seal: This is the exercise of the Navy’s Submarine Disaster Team, with the elite commandos training in the Euboea in anti-mine operations, in cooperation with NATO allied countries. Powers involved, Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Poland, Latvia.

October 15 – 21 – Neptune Strike: This is an extremely important allied exercise. Fighter aircraft of our Air Force namely F-16 Block 52+ and F-4 Phantom will work with F-18 aircraft of the American aircraft carrier George H. W Bush. In the scenarios of the exercise, Units of the Faculty of GHETHA will also participate, demonstrating their targets on the ground in fighters. The co-training will take place at the Athens FIR and Shooting Ranges.

October 17 – 21 – Trojan Horse: The demanding national cross-branch exercise of electronic warfare operations, taking place in the wider area northwest of the Peloponnese and the southern Ionian Sea. Air Force fighters, the Intelligence Operations Command, Air Defense Air Control, the 31st Search and Rescue Operations Squadron, the Air Force’s Flying Radar, helicopters from the 1st Army Airlift Wing and of course Navy ships and helicopters are participating.

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17 – 22 October – Beyond Horizon: Allied exercise carried out in Bulgaria and involving the training of Military Service Units. Greece, Bulgaria, USA, Skopje, Romania are participating.

October 17 – 20 – Steadfast Noon: An exercise that takes place in Belgium with the participation of two officers from our country and concerns the use of special weapons.

Thousands of executives from the three Branches are involved in the impressive training series inside and outside the borders, with the message sent by GEETHA being clear: “The Armed Forces are ready. They train, they prepare, they are vigilant. Whoever decides to question Greek sovereignty should think twice.”

Training activities don’t stop for the Armed Forces in October of course. Especially for the Air Force, November will be a month of fire, with successive exercises inside and outside the borders, while we remind you that on November 7 (Synthesis of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel) is also the celebration of our Air Force, with the GEA already planning series of events across the country.

Finally, we would like to point out that in November, the large cross-branch exercise between Greece and Egypt, “Medusa ’22”, is now established and strengthens the already close military cooperation between the two countries. It is possible, for one more year, that the Forces of Cyprus will also participate in the exercise, while it remains unknown if in any of the scenarios French ships or aircraft will also “play”, as in 2020. This year “Medusa” will be held in Egypt, since last year it was held in Crete.

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