Approved sale of Excalibur smart munitions to Spain

On June 14, the State Department announced its approval of a potential foreign military sale by Raytheon Company Missile Systems to the government of Spain. The sale will include M982A1 Excalibur tactical missiles and related equipment, with an estimated value of $48.2 million.

The M982A1 Excalibur is an extended-range 155mm precision-guided missile that uses precision GPS guidance to provide soldiers with accurate, first-round fire capabilities in any environment. This ammunition is derived from Increment Ib, a full-capacity, reduced-cost, mass-produced round that is fully suitable for use in a range of howitzer systems.

At all ranges and in all weathers, the Excalibur weapon improves accuracy on first-round hits, which is highly desirable given the increased focus on artillery counterattacks. This weapon system also increases the range of the .39 caliber artillery to 40 km, the .52 caliber artillery to 50 km, and the .58 caliber artillery to 70 km.

The Spanish government has expressed a desire to procure an additional 153 M982A1 Excalibur tactical missiles. In an earlier deal, estimated to be worth $21.87 million, Raytheon would sell 118 Excaliburs agreed to in Spain. With State Department approval reached yesterday, the total size of the deal will now include 271 Excaliburs.

The agreed acquisition includes a number of key components such as a portable electronic fire control system, an enhanced platform integration kit, Propelling Charge modular artillery loading system, Simple Key Loaders and support related to collateral damage assessment tables and other support related to both logistics and the overall program.

The State Department said the proposed sale is in the foreign policy and national security interests of the United States and that the move is aimed at strengthening the security of a NATO ally, which is critical to maintaining political stability and economic growth. in Europe. Spain’s purchase of the Excalibur is expected to enhance its interoperability with US and other allied forces, thereby enhancing the country’s defense capabilities.

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