Apostolakis: Let’s be prepared for war – Immediate expansion of our territorial waters

“We have to be prepared for the worst case of war. And everyone, friends and opponents, should be well aware of this.

“The Greeks have shown how they react to the challenges in history”, the former Minister of National Defense of Greece, Evangelos Apostolakis, said from Nicosia.

Evangelos Apostolakis participated in an event on “The question of the demarcation of maritime zones in the Eastern Mediterranean” co-organized in Nicosia by the Plenary Session of the Presidents of the Bar Associations of Greece and the Pan-Cyprus Bar Association, noting that Greece should make effective use of the defense agreements which it has concluded, particularly with France and the USA.

He added: “The opportunities include the possibility of gradually promoting the decisions to expand the territorial waters of the Aigialitis zone from 6 to 12 nautical miles.

“It goes without saying that Greece should not stop denouncing the Casus Belli, nor should it accept it.

»Greece cannot become a country of controlled sovereignty, due to the decision of the National Assembly of another state.

“However, the act shows that Casus Belli is a challenge for every Greek government and should be interpreted in a way that is consistent with national interests and not with the occasional versions and interpretations given by Ankara.”

The honorary head of GEETHA argued that the expansion of Greece’s territorial waters should proceed immediately, after the Turkish-Libyan memorandum as well as the ongoing situation in Tripoli, Libya, which as he said concerns the attempt to declare a continental shelf based on the middle of the distance from the southernmost part of the Peloponnese with the Libyan coast.

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“The extension of territorial waters, that is, the exercise of Greece’s legal right to do something like this in the south of Crete and east, is a completely legal response.

“It also gives the message of Greece’s determination to proceed in the defense of its rights and to support a good response to all those who believe that they can proceed unilaterally and destroy every concept of International Law.

“The case of 12 p.m. must be constantly on the table from Greece, even if it is not used immediately.

“It must be clear on the other side in Ankara that no one in Athens, no Government, no party, is waiving the sovereign rights and jurisdictions that are clearly provided for in International Law,” he emphasized.

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