Athens, February 26, 2024
At a time when a great deal of unrest and disturbance has been caused in the EDs by the action of the trade unionists of the Ministry, to withhold €30 from the salaries of executives, without express consent, we notice that executives of the other Federation (but also various “trolls” whose role will be explored), as modern Don Quixotes, indulge in the usual hunting of windmills.
In the last 24 hours, instead of apologizing for the abusive action of mandatory withholding, instead of presenting the alleged contract they advertise, instead of responding to the backlash they themselves have caused, they present themselves as banks and confuse their statutes with laws to cause further confusion. At the same time, once again they attempt to discredit and discredit the WTO with LIES.
According to these lies, our Federation is presented as allegedly preventing the military from claiming the night allowance for the years 2017-19. Although above all we are human beings and we show our undivided understanding and support to anyone who has difficulties in understanding even simple texts, we declare in all directions that we will not allow further slander of our Federation. How much more so from those who have received credit for “dissuading the military from judicial activism and claims because public finances cannot afford them” (Maria Spyrakis, ND press representative at an event of the Federation in question in December 2018).
Since we find it pointless to get into a verbal confrontation process with those who seem to be at odds with the truth and reality, we will simply quote facts, that is, court orders for the years 2017-19 that have already been issued and are waiting to be paid, just as it was done and to Rhodope military personnel recently:
Rhodope military pay (from executive pay sheet)

Excerpt of decision for Salamis and Piraeus military personnel

Excerpt of decision for Evros military

Excerpt of decision for military personnel of Kastoria and Florina

Excerpt of decision for military personnel of Kavala and Drama

Correspondingly, there are dozens of decisions that have been issued for a number of areas and they concern claims for night compensation for the years 2017-19: Arcadia, Lesbos, Limnos, Phthiotida, Athens, Imathia, etc., similarly there are still lawsuits that have not even been adjudicated (eg Kalymnos) . We consider it pointless to quote from them all: the LIE has already been debunked.
However, we will pose a question to every military person: when so many unimaginable LIES have been told about something that can easily be disproved, such as whether or not the WTO, the preeminent Federation of Litigation (“litigation activism”), was preventing the military from to claim their rights, how many more LIES could have been told that would be harder to disprove?
We leave the answer to each member.

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