ANNOUNCEMENT – The attempt to disinformation “regarding the deletion” of ESPEE Xanthi unfortunately continues

Athens, December 21, 2023
The FOES is forced to come back, hoping that it will be the last time, on the occasion of the “clarifying post” of the president of ESPEE Xanthi on the profile he maintains on Facebook, according to which he is trying to cultivate, in order to relate an internal process provided by the Statute of the Federation, such as temporary deletion, with deletion, in general [δηλαδή την αποπομπή / αποβολή, μιας ούτε το Καταστατικό προβλέπει οριστική διαγραφή, ούτε ο νόμος].
Although he himself has been involved in trade unionism for a long time, it seems that he had read or understood very little over the years about what is really true, because we do not want to believe that he knows it well, but he asserts otherwise. We will, therefore, publicly remind him of what Law 1264/1982 provides in para.13 of Article 30C and Article 6 of the WTO Statute for the temporary deletion of members (Associations), more so that everyone knows what exactly applies:
a. “Primary associations – members who violate (the law and) the Statute of the Federation, are temporarily deleted, up to twelve (12) months by decision of its Board of Directors.” We remind the President of Xanthi of the 14-page document No. 775/26-Mar-2023 of the FOES, with which the Board of Directors notified ESPEE of Xanthi only part of the actions brought repeatedly by all the Board members to predicament and which document, if he wishes, we can release instead so that everyone knows exactly what happened, in every detail, because we are not sure if the members of the Union know about its contents.
b. After the end of the temporary deletion, the Union “may at any time return to the Federation, with its relevant application”. In fact, the same provisions provide for the special case of the extension of the penalty of temporary deletion by the Panhellenic Congress of Representatives, that after the expiry of the extension, the Union “is automatically and compulsorily re-registered in the Federation”, i.e. without even its application. In this particular case, ESPEE Xanthi did not choose the application, but the withdrawal.
c. According to paragraph 5 of article 6 of the Statute, throughout the period of temporary deletion, the Union “is responsible, for the entire period of its temporary deletion, for all its financial obligations to the Federation”, i.e. it continues to have the obligation to pay union membership fees, like all the other Unions – members of the Federation.
During the entire period of the temporary deletion, which only with its real dimension was not presented, we are sure that all military members – members of ESPEE Xanthi can confirm that their deductions were made normally through payroll. This happened because the status of ESPEE Xanthi as a member of the WTO was never suspended, precisely because the Union of Xanthi was never deleted from the WTO. Anything else is out of touch with reality.
If the Union had been deleted, the Federation was obliged to notify the Staffs of the cessation of the withholding of union dues from its members. However, as we proved with a document from ESPEE Xanthi, this was done by the Union, not by the POES. Hoping that we are dealing with the matter for the last time, we will know in all directions that ESPEE Xanthi was an active member of the FOES until 30/10/23, when it notified us of its withdrawal with letter No. 610 /30-Sep-2023 her document.
It concerns internal procedures of the WTO and nothing more, the fact that since May this Union has been under the statutory penalty of temporary deletion for 12 months for reasons that its Board knows very well, but we doubt whether it has communicated to its members (and ‘ extension to its General Assembly, since it actually took place before 30/9/23).
In this regard, let us add that the interests of the members of the Union have been affected much more by the fact that the five representatives of ESPEE Xanthi had partially withdrawn from the processes of the Board as early as the end of November 2022, as a result of which the Federation was informed about the documents of ESPEE Xanthi after a holiday via the internet and without any possibility of consulting them, and not from the fact that the Union was temporarily deleted by the Board, which, we repeat, is an internal process.
We will repeat that the lie has short legs and for every lie we will be here with many truths to contrast.
Finally, we leave a question for reflection: The Statute of the WTO is posted on its website. Do the members of ESPEE Xanthi have access to the Statute of their Association? We have a feeling that on the latter we may have to come back.

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