Announcement on the mandatory withholding of 30 euros by executives


Athens, February 23, 2023

Since last night, our phones have not stopped ringing, from colleagues who complain to us about the mandatory one-time withholding of €30 for alleged legal protection from ED officials. Despite the fact that this move does not concern the members of the Unions of our Federation, but those of the other one, we consider the complaints that have come to our attention to be particularly serious and cannot go unnoticed.

Executives tell us that they were detained while they had asked not to be. Others state publicly that they had no information, others state that they never authorized such action, while others believe that with said withholding they will indeed have free full legal protection, which we find impossible to be true. In general, since yesterday there has been a great effervescence and anger in the ranks of a significant part of the ED staff.

From the above, particularly serious questions arise, because what we had revealed with her was fully confirmed from 28 November 2023 our announcement on the same subject:

Is the action of the intervention in the bank accounts of natural persons by the trade unionists based within the Ministry to the knowledge (and approval) of the political leadership of the Ministry?
In what law is this intervention based, which was done through an official channel? Who authorized and ordered this abusive withholding?
How was the transparency and consent of the executives to whom the withholding was made ensured? Which contract, on what terms and between whom was it signed (if it was signed)? How is consent by omission documented?
Is YETHA aware that the involved Federation has publicly stated that part of this money (€20,000) will end up in its coffers as a “sponsorship” to cover its needs? What are these needs for which union dues are not enough, especially when it itself constantly advertises how many members it has (and therefore income)?

Finally, because we have found again that there is a great deal of confusion, we know to all and sundry in the military that the POEC has nothing to do with such practices and does not participate in any arbitrary mandatory withholding from executive paychecks.

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