Announcement on Results of the OP.OP. (Eligible by Specialty)

The GEETHA informs that in the context of the ongoing competitions for the recruitment of Professional Officers (OP.OP.) for the SS, the PN, the PA and the Joint Legal Corps, the scoring by specialty of the OP.OP candidates has been completed.

Candidates can be informed about their quota at their own risk, by identifying themselves with their personal Taxisnet codes, through the following e-mail addresses:

For the Army:

For the Navy:

For the Air Force:

For the Common Law Body:

In addition, it is known to OP.OP candidates. that they are allowed to file an appeal against their limitation until Thursday, October 26, 2023, via e-mail, in which the full name, patronymic, application number and specialty must be stated, as below:

For the Army: epop.katataxi[at]

For the Navy: epop2023[at]

For the Air Force: epop.epitropes[at]

For the Common Law Body: geetha_dsl[at]

Candidates who have been selected to appear before the Committees are required to bring the following with them upon their arrival:

• Police or military ID card or passport.

• The Copy of the Application – Responsible Declaration of participation in the OP.OP recruitment competition.

• Negative RAPID test up to forty-eight (48) hours before the first day of the exams, which they will have with them every day.

• The Health Examination Report of a candidate for the EP.OP., which will be accompanied by the necessary results of the laboratory tests of Table “A” thereof (Model “8” of Addendum “8” of Appendix “B” of the Announcements).

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• Graphic Material (2 blue pens, pencil, eraser, eraser).

• Sports clothing – swimming clothing (swimsuit, cap, swimming goggles, towel, flip flops).

The process for each applicant will take up to five (5) business days. Upon completion of each individual examination – test, the results will be announced for those who continue the process or not.

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