Announcement of POMENS and OP.OP Secretariat on the pension of Professional Airmen.

Ladies and Gentlemen Colleagues,
The Panhellenic Federation of Military Unions – P.OM.ENS., is a representative of all active servicemen of the Armed Forces (AD), standing by the side of all colleagues without exclusion. Throughout time, he walks every day with prestige and responsibility, without populism, highlighting the serious issues that concern all his colleagues, of independent origin, submitting serious, thorough and documented proposals for their resolution, to the Military and Political leadership.
To address the needs of the Armed Forces in junior officers, in order to fill positions of operational and technical specialties, which, requiring significant training and specialization, are classified and serve as Permanent Professional Oplites (EP.OP) Greek citizens.
The Professional Hoplites are an institution that first appeared in the Armed Forces in the year 2001, out of a need to reorganize the Armed Forces, as the basis of the new defense strategy of the 21st century, with the aim of: a) ED in the 21st century with greater mobility, greater efficiency and less quantitative volume, b) integrated operational readiness and c) adaptation to the new data that impose missions beyond borders by high-level forces. Being the “backbone” of the army, manning all the Service Units and the three Branches of the ED, they work hard every day in order to maintain the operational readiness of the Army at a high level. These are Officers who are capable fighters and excellent connoisseurs of their specialty, the weapon systems, means and materials they handle and require expertise and perform their duties effectively within the operational mission of the Service Units serving in all three Branches.
The Panhellenic Federation of Military Unions – P.OM.EN.S and the Secretariat of Professional Soldiers’ Issues, return for the umpteenth time to the always topical and burning issue, regarding the pension status of Professional Soldiers, specifically the readjustment of the age limits of article 39 of Law 445/1974. An issue which the OP.OP Issues Secretariat has reduced to a flag, repeatedly emphasizing its immediate and imperative resolution, in order to stop the “hostage”, in which a significant number of colleagues and at the same time their families have fallen, creating insecurity and ambiguity for the their future, both in the work sector and in personal and family planning.
The concern and anxiety of the Permanent Non-Commissioned Officers of OP.OP origin, due to the delay on the part of the Political and Military leadership regarding the resolution of their pension status, is evident. Today, fellow NCOs from the OP.OP institution are serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces, who enlisted when they were already 28 years old and in a reasonable period of time will complete their 50th year of age, having 22 years of actual service, with immediate consequently their voluntary demobilization. Until today, despite the promises and commitments from all responsible parties to provide a definitive solution for the benefit of the colleagues, the issue of their early retirement, having led to despair for themselves and their families, finding that the time frames are narrowing.
Specifically, at the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki in September 2022, a delegation of P.OM.ENS, led by the President Mr. Dimitrios Rota, met both with the Minister of State, Mr. Panagiotopoulos, as well as with factors of the Ministry of National Defense and Labour, who pledged themselves before the delegation of the Federation in order to stop the anguish of OP.OP colleagues. In December of last year with the submission of the bill by the Ministry of Finance, the necessary actions to resolve the requested issue were not implemented despite the commitments of the then Ministry of Finance. The above disappointment from the impossibility of solving the issue in question by the Political Leadership of the Ministry of Health, was mitigated by the announcement of the Prime Minister himself during the passing of the bill, where he committed himself to solving it by making a separate reference during his speech. In the end the bill was passed, the important issue of Professional Soldiers was not included in the bill with a direct consequence of its non-solution, leaving the meteorites.
Additionally, within a few weeks, the 2nd bill of the Ministry of National Defense was submitted, just one month after the passing of the 1st bill and the aforementioned commitment of the Prime Minister. As a result of the above, it was once again the disappointment of more than twenty (20) thousand Professional Soldiers and their families to continue to live with anxiety, for an uncertain working future, reflecting unfavorably on their treatment by the state despite repeated commitments from all responsible parties.
In the current year, already passing through the middle of February and without any development on the burning issue that “burns” thousands of colleagues, it is pointed out that the time slots have now become suffocatingly narrow having almost been exhausted, with the view that the first Professional Hoplites enter in their 50th year of age in the year 2024 and facing the exit from the Armed Forces with voluntary demobilization in accordance with article 39 of Law 445/1974, with demobilization acts being issued up to 6 months earlier.
As it can be concluded from the above, the point in time of the current period is considered imperatively critical and its immediate resolution cannot be extended further, according to the detailed and documented and costed proposals without demagoguery of the Panhellenic Federation of Military Unions – P.OM.EN.S with in view of the benefit of all colleagues of the origin of Professional Soldiers.
In addition, in Parliamentary audits, the answers communicated by the Political Leadership do not cover the staff, as they repeatedly stick to the status of the “Staff Study” for 5 consecutive years, which is deeply troubling, given that recently a Staff study with the unthinkable document on the future of the institution published by P.OM.EN.S. on exceptional evaluations at the age limit of 47 years. A document for which, clearly, there was never an official notification to the legal Institutional body that represents the military in action and without having ever taken into account the Federation’s detailed proposals on the matter in question as it is required and is institutionalized.
We must emphasize that, with the assumption of the duties of the new Minister of Health, Mr. Dendias Nikolaos, who speaking from the floor of the Hellenic Parliament, declaring that an end will be given even at the last moment, to the anxieties and concerns of colleagues, solving the pension scheme of the Professional Airmen, giving a new breath of optimism to the personnel which tends to soften the disillusionment of the previous years.
In addition, his recent official statements to the media, declaring his intention to submit a bill that will concern the regulation of military personnel of the Armed Forces, we hope that finally, an end will be given to the agony of the thousands of Professional Soldiers.
At the given point in time, time margins are narrowing dangerously, time is not an ally, hoping that the cooperation of all competent bodies is deemed imperative for the common good of our colleagues.
We expect that, with the placement of Mr. Dendias, at the helm of the Ministry of Health, the necessary attention and respect due to its existing staff and their families will be given.
The institution of the OP.OP counts more than 20 years of presence in the Armed Forces, having the role of “backbone” according to the repeated statements of the military and political leadership in the past. The EPOD they occupy critical positions for the Armed Forces, handling the cutting edge and all of the weapons systems, filling a huge percentage of positions for the operation of the Service Units and the three Branches.
Ladies and Gentlemen Colleagues,
Worthy of mention is that the insurance of Professional Armed Forces has been the flag of P.O.M.ENS. so as to stop the chronic hostage-taking of colleagues as well as their families. For this reason, we invite all Professional Hoplites to support our fight, through their registration and constant contact with the Primary Unions of POMENS.
The Professional Hoplites (OP.OP), faithful to our obligations, will continue to carry out our duties in full, with the ultimate goal of defending the territorial integrity and national independence of our Motherland.
Finally, we expect the Political and Military leadership to confirm their interest in trying to solve the serious and chronic problems facing the institution.
From the Secretariat OP.OP: Ephias (PZ) Antonopoulos Nikolaos tel. 6971601974.,An. Secretary of EPOP Matters: Ephias (TH) Margaritopoulos Kon/nos tel. 6983602359.
Vice President of Administrative Affairs and Personnel: Lieutenant (DB) Sideris Votsis, tel. 6937481104.
For the Executive Secretariat



Dimitrios Rotas
Ashmos (YDK)

George Kyriakakis
Anchis (EM)

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