Anadolu: “Incident” in the Aegean – “Involvement” of Greek and Turkish vessels

Another episode occurred in the Aegean according to the Turkish news agency “Anadolu”.

The Turks are trying to create tense conditions in the Aegean, looking for opportunities to “confront” our country.

The Coast Guard and the Armed Forces have clear orders to be very careful under the risk of provocative actions and unnecessary provocations, however, the Turks are unpredictable and no one can predict where they will look for an opportunity to destabilize.

In the game of challenges and the Turkish Media, which make sure through editing to dynamit the climate.

In this context, the Turkish news agency Anadolu published a video with audio-visual material, referring to an incident that occurred on Monday, July 25 between the Greek and Turkish Coast Guards in Farmakonissi.

According to Anadolu, and as the Turkish side complains, a Greek Coast Guard vessel harassed a Turkish-flagged sailing vessel during sailing competitions.

As reported, the Turkish Coast Guard also rushed to the scene, which led to the withdrawal of the Greek Coast Guard.



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