All humanity will change! An important experiment was completed in Russia (Video)

How they will provide energy to the entire planet for the next 3000 years

Now, while the world’s attention is focused on what is happening on Russia’s southwestern border, few people have noticed how the stage of a major, if not revolutionary, eight-year nuclear energy experiment in the Sverdlovsk region has come to an end, points out. .

Based on its results, Russia moved one step closer to the energy of the future without waste!

The entire active zone of the BN-800 fast neutron reactor was completely converted to MOX fuel for the first time.”

This event will surely go down in history, but to understand its essence, let’s remember a little theory.

As you know, the raw material for nuclear fuel is natural uranium ore, which is mined in mines. It consists of almost 99.3% of the isotope uranium-238, which is not suitable for creating fuel, and only the rest 0.7% is the necessary uranium-235 isotope.

To simplify, let’s say that the nuclear fuel in nuclear power plant reactors never burns to the end and forms waste or so-called “spent nuclear fuel”, which still contains a very high percentage of the “unnecessary” isotope uranium-238.

Scientists figured out how to convert the remaining uranium-238 in huge quantities into a new flammable fuel and thought about irradiating it in a special fast reactor, turning it into plutonium-239, which is then mixed with other isotopes. into a kind of cocktail called MOX fuel.

All that said, we must remember that there are special fast reactors where nuclear waste is converted into new usable MOX fuel.

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Thus, humanity can reuse the accumulated stockpiles of nuclear waste.

According to experts, this waste will be enough to provide energy to the entire planet for 3,000 years. But so far – only in theory.

In practice, no fast reactor has yet been built that has confirmed the economic benefits of waste treatment on an industrial scale.

Therefore, Rosatom plans to build a more powerful BN-1200 power unit at the same Beloyarsk nuclear power plant.

By the way, this station not only allows you to conduct experiments, but also provides 15% of the energy consumption of the Sverdlovsk region.

The BN-1200 will be ready by 2035.

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