Albania: Eddy Rama insulted Mitsotakis and makes fun of the EEZ

Edi Rama, since he returned to Albania from Turkey, has been behaving “strangely”, not at all wise on his part, since he knows well, as a Greek origin that he is (regardless of whether the joker pretends to be Italian) how far and heavy the… fapa of Tsolias. And he made two blunders of characteristic Albanian falsehood.

The first, as written by the Albanian newspapers “Sot” and “Tema”, caused the strong reaction of the expatriate organization “Omonoia” because, during the visit of Edi Rama to the villages of the Greek Minority in Argyrokastro, Rama, in the “video selfie” which he drew, addressing the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he addressed him as “Qirje” (ss.: Greek, “Sir”), a word which, however, has an abusive connotation in Albanian.

Edi Rama, as part of his tour of Albania, visited Argyrokastro and Dropoli.

The Albanian sites, referring to the visit to Dropoli, focused on the “video-selfie” that he took with the Mayor of Dropoli, Dimitris Tolis, with the intention of sending it to the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

In it, Rama is seen asking the Mayor to make a request to the Greek Prime Minister.

Tolis simply mentioned that they are waiting for Mr. Mitsotakis to come to Dropoli.

Rama immediately intervened in English, humorously telling the Greek prime minister:

“You just have to come, and I have to do all the work.”

In the said video, Rama added the following: “I am here with the Greek minority.

»We are discussing crops, infrastructure and everything the region needs.

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“We are brothers and together we will do great things.”

The second one happened in Edi Rama’s speech at the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Constitutional Court of Albania, where he mentioned that since its establishment the Court in question has also made “glorious” decisions, specifically mentioning his decision on the 2009 decision, with which the bilateral agreement on the delimitation of the Greek-Albanian maritime zones had been cancelled.

He said characteristically: “Who can forget the decision on the so-called maritime agreement, signed by the executive power, disregarding the national and at the same time popular sovereignty?”.

Eddie Rama when he feels that he is not in danger from his… fapa cholia does the “rooster”.

He might be saying these things because he wasn’t sober. He may be encouraged by Erdogan’s friend.

Let Edi Rama carefully monitor the developments in Turkey to avoid the impending fate of “boss” Erdogan.

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