After “Junuz”, Erdogan also sends “Cesme” with illegal NAVTEX in the center of the Aegean

New illegal NAVTEX from the Smyrna Station for hydrographic surveys of the research vessel TSG Cesme (Cesme) in two areas in the center of the Aegean west of the 25th meridian between Skyros – Ai Strati and Lesvos, was issued by Ankara, escalating the tension in the Aegean. The investigations will be conducted from today until June 14.

It is recalled that from Wednesday, May 25, the research Yunus sailed from the Turkish coast and is also located in the center of the Aegean.

In the area that Ankara blocked with the illegal NAVTEX for Cesme the right to issue announcements belongs to Greece and as it is about hydrographic surveys that do not concern the continental shelf, it is estimated that it is another attempt of Turkey to provoke and test its reflexes. Of Greece.

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias in a statement called on the Allies not to give in to Turkey’s blackmail and referring to Greek-Turkish points out that we are witnessing an escalation of Turkish aggressive rhetoric and unprecedented actions against our sovereignty and sovereignty.

“We react with prudence and composure.
“We are not carried away by extreme rhetoric from across the Aegean.
We choose the way and the time that we will answer.

“It is obvious that Turkish aggression is not limited to our country,” Dendias said, referring to the impending invasion of Syria and the Turkish reaction to Sweden and Finland joining NATO. attitude of Turkey.

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