Adviser RT Erdogan: “Let’s shoot down a Greek PA fighter to slap Greece”

“To place the S-400s in suitable areas of the Aegean”

The Turks are attempting to create a narrative that the Air Force is harassing Turkish F-16s when they violate the…. Greek airspace.

Analysts and advisers to Turkish President RT Erdogan even suggest that they may have to shoot down a Greek fighter jet for Greece to receive a slap in the face.

In other words, what Greece should have done for many years to put an end to Turkish violations, the Turks want to do in order to continue committing them undisturbed.

Of course, Athens is to blame for allowing Turkish audacity to develop. The question is not how many weapons we have but whether we are available to use them.

Retired analyst Ihsan Shefa said the following:
“America cannot fight in Turkey right now.

But he is trying to use Greece in this way and we are slapping them.

We need to do the following:
To place the S-400s in suitable areas in the Aegean, something that can already be done as these are secret and if necessary, to shoot down a Greek aircraft.

If necessary, you shoot down a Greek aircraft and thus slap Greece in the face. Greece deserves this slap.”

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