A. Stefanis: “Greece is ready for any challenges from Turkey”

“No one can predict Erdogan’s intentions, but we are ready”

Greece is ready for any challenges from Turkey” said today the advisor of the government on issues of critical regions and Mount Athos Alcibiades Stefanis, commenting on the extreme rhetoric that Ankara has recently adopted against our country.

“No one can predict Erdogan’s intentions, but reactions are being planned,” the former Defense Minister pointed out.

“The continuous statements of Mr. Erdogan and his executives create two concerns: one concerns Greece and the other concerns Turkey. The first is the constant threats to keep Greece quiet. Say what are we listening to? one more, it’s okay let’s move on to the next one’. This does not happen, every statement is analyzed, measured and transferred to all levels, defense, diplomatic, etc., assured Mr. Stefanis.

The second concern, the former deputy minister continued, is inside Turkey. The tug-of-war between Turkish politicians over who will say the most extreme thing against Greece is coming and trapping Turkey. Such verbal expressions are to their detriment and to the detriment of good neighborliness between the two nations.

“Turkish politicians must realize that the Turkish people want to look at their future, they want to move forward. Dialogue is better,” noted Alcibiades Stefanis.

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