A/GEETHA message from Chios: “Those who come will need to swim to leave, not us”

A strong message of deterrence was sent to Turkey by General Constantinos Floros during his tour of the islands of the eastern Aegean.

During his speech at the 96th Higher Command of the National Guard Battalions in Chios, General Floros stated: “We have the most capable personnel, who have in their hands the responsibility to defend the homeland and what our ancestors left us.”

“We take the Turkish threat very seriously. We are preparing to be, if required, victorious”, added the GEETHA Chief.

“The Greeks can sleep in peace!”, declared A/GETHA unequivocally, while also sending a clear message to Turkey, threatening that “one night will suddenly come”, saying “those who come will need to swim, in order to leave and not us. We’re not going anywhere.”

General Floros also visited, today, the Amphibious Commandos at the 3rd ETETH of Chios and the “Panagia” and “Psarra” Police Stations. Finally, the Coastal Patrol “Kelefstis Stamos” was visited as well as the crew of a Super Puma helicopter in Chios.

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