A gang that trafficked narcotics in various areas of Attica was dismantled by the Athens Security Sub-Directorate

Greek police headquarters

Athens, June 17, 2023


A gang that trafficked narcotics in various areas of Attica was dismantled by the Athens Security Sub-Directorate

-14- people were arrested, while it was found that the members of the gang had carried out at least 750 drug transactions

Among other things, narcotic substances, precision scales, 7,570 euros, swords, knives and pistols were confiscated

A gang was dismantled from the Athens Security Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate, whose members were active in the systematic trafficking of narcotics in various areas of Attica.

14 people were arrested for the case, including the deputy leader of the gang, while the case file includes 10 more people, who – as the case may be – are accused of the offenses of criminal organization, disloyalty as well as violation of drug laws , weapons and games.

As it emerged from the investigation, the members of the organization operated with distinct roles, however a characteristic element of their mode of action was that they traded and bought and sold drugs with each other in order to achieve an extensive “turnover” through the resale of these in their own trafficking networks .

Central to the organization was the ringleader, who ran an illegal gambling club where he stored drugs, which he then sold to patrons, while avoiding contact with drugs outside the club by making “outside deliveries” only to good customers.

For this reason, he had granted extensive powers by giving relevant orders to his deputy, who took care of the supply of large quantities of narcotics, which he then handed over to gang members for further trafficking.

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In fact, in order to achieve their illegal activity, they took special counter-surveillance measures, avoiding conventional methods of telephone communication and using intermediate-third persons in drug trafficking.

The deconstruction of the criminal organization was carried out in the context of an organized police operation, which took place in the evening hours of June 15 and morning of June 16, 2023, in various areas of Attica, while after searches carried out in houses, in the club as well as in their possession, among others, found and seized:

-70- grams of heroin,
nylon packages and bottles with quantities of drugs and other substances in solid and liquid form,
narcotic tablets, -81- sealed metoprolol tartrate tablets, tab with -4- opioid tablets and -16- propellant gas ampoules,
-5- precision scales,
-7,570- euros,
-5- passports, -11- mobile phones, -3- laptop, multiple hard drives, -7- PC monitors, -4- surveillance cameras, -7- USB, electronic portable device (tablet),
-2- swords, -2- knives, pistol, -2- magazines, -32- cartridges, -3- bolt pieces to convert into automatic weapon, imitation pistol, pair of handcuffs, gas pistol, air pistol,
handwritten notes relating to games of chance.

As part of the investigation, it was established that the members of the organization carried out at least 750 transactions, trafficking at least eight (8) kilograms of narcotic substances, with its illegal financial gain exceeding 40,000 euros.

Those arrested were taken to the competent prosecuting authority.




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