A criminal organization that operated a house in Agia Varvara as a “drug store” was dismantled – A total of -4- people were arrested

Greek police headquarters

Athens, November 2, 2023


A criminal organization that operated a house in Agia Varvara as a “drug store” was dismantled – A total of -4- people were arrested

The Public Security Department of the Western Attica Security Sub-Directorate dismantled a criminal organization that systematically trafficked narcotics in Agia Varvara Attica.

-4- people were arrested for the case, while the case file includes -2-, who – as the case may be – are accused of membership in a criminal drug-trafficking organization, dishonesty, forgery, acceptance of proceeds of crime and violation of the law on weapons Customs Code.

An appropriate evaluation of information data preceded, from the utilization of which and in parallel with the application of special investigative actions, it was determined that the members of the criminal organization use a house in Agia Varvara, which they operated as a “drug store” for substance addicts.

In this context, in the morning hours of Tuesday, October 31, 2023, after two members of the organization were spotted entering the building, a police operation was carried out with the assistance of OPKE police officers. and specially trained dog.

In fact, during the operation, the police used special tools to open a reinforced metal door of great thickness that was on the ground floor of the building, as a member of the organization used a stove to burn narcotics and other items related to their illegal activity.

The two members of the organization as well as one more person were arrested from the searches in the premises, while an operation followed in another related house in the same area, where an additional person was arrested.

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In total, from the searches, which were carried out in the presence of a judicial officer, the following were found and seized:

3 aluminum foil packages of raw cannabis weighing 8.2 grams,
homemade cigarette with hemp and tobacco weighing 1.2 grams,
3 charred solid pieces of an unknown substance, weighing 185 grams, one of which had a strong smell of processed cannabis (chocolate type),
2 graters and improvised packaging materials,
burnt precision electronic scale and scale with a minimum unit of measurement of 1 gram,
closed-circuit surveillance recorder and 5 cameras,
2 mobile phones,
shells, balls and cartridges of various calibers,
many counterfeit products,
shotgun, which was determined to be stolen;
quantity of 12 cal hunting cartridges,
65 euros and an iron fist.

The arrested persons were taken to the competent prosecutor’s office, where 3 of them were referred to the competent Investigator, while the other was referred to the independent Three-member Misdemeanor Court of Athens.

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