A 25-year-old military man was arrested – He damaged a bar in Hydra and beat an employee

The 25-year-old man was arrested in Piraeus for damaging a bar and hitting an employee – He is a resident of France and had a dagger with an 8.5 cm long blade, an iron fist and a collapsible police baton on him

Officers of the Security Office of the Piraeus Port Authority arrested a 25-year-old citizen on Tuesday morning, for violation of Law 2168/93 “regarding weapons”, as well as for violation of articles 308 (Simple Bodily Harm), 361 (Insult), 333 (Threat) and 378 (Damage to foreign property).

In particular, the 25-year-old was arrested in the context of the autoforo in the port of Piraeus, for acts committed in Hydra, while in a check carried out in his travel bag, they found in his possession and confiscated: a dagger with a blade of 8.5 cm long, a iron fist and a collapsible police baton.

According to information, the arrested person is a military man, a member of the Foreign Legion and a resident of France, who last night caused material damage to a bar in Hydra, while he also assaulted an employee of that bar, as well as other people who went to separate them.

He then left the bar without being arrested and was spotted today disembarking from the Flying Cat, which was on the Hydra-Piraeus route, by officers from the central Piraeus Port Authority.

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