2nd Annual Conference of the Unified Air and Missile Defense Center of Excellence

From Tuesday 13 to Wednesday 14 June 2023 and in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Base Lieutenant General (I) George Kyriakos as the representative of the Air Force Chief General Konstantinos Floros, the 2nd Annual Conference of the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Center of Excellence (IAMD CoE – Integrated Air and Missile Defense) was held Missile Defense Center of Excellence) with the theme “Integrated Air and Missile Defence: A Valuable Pillar in NATO’s Deterrence and Defence”, in Souda, Crete.

The Conference was attended by 130 delegates from 21 member states and international organizations of the Alliance, as well as representatives of the academic community and the defense industry. During the work of the Conference, the importance of unified anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense was highlighted, as a valuable pillar in the areas of defense and deterrence of the Alliance.

In this context, the decisive role of the IAMD CoE in the field of NATO air and missile defense was confirmed, and especially in the light of the security challenges that were formed as a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The purpose of the Conference was to map the current geostrategic situation and detect emerging threats to the Alliance, focusing primarily on the development of hypersonic weapons and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), as well as determining how which NATO will respond to these challenges.

The main speakers at the Conference were:

● The Commander of the 7th Air Defense Group, Colonel Graham Taylor.
● Deputy Commander of the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, Colonel Lisa Bartel.
● The head of the Counterterrorism Section in the Emerging Security Challenges Division in NATO HQ, Mr. Gabriele Cascone.
● The representative of the Armament and Aerospace Capabilities (A&ACAP) Directorate of NATO, Mr. Bogusz Madej.

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The Conference was also attended by:

● The Chief of Staff GEA Lieutenant General (I) Ioannis Birbilis.
● The Flag Officer/General Officer (FOGO) Champion of Allied Command Transformation (ACT), Brigadier General Franz Chapuis.
● The Deputy Commander of the Italian Air Force (ITAF) and Space Operations Command, Brigadier General Luca Maineri.

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